Jordan Fraser

“LaunchPad was a excellent environment for BamText to officially launch our business. The program gave us the opportunity to have a physical office space in downtown Charlottetown. In addition to this, BamText received great guidance from program facilitators and the advisory board.”

Jordan Fraser / BamText

John Kimmel

“LaunchPad provided us everything we needed to hit the ground running when we expanded to PEI. From the turn-key access in AAA-grade office space right downtown, to the great community of other high tech companies in our building, and not to mention the flexibility to grow faster than we had originally planned, Our company’s space in LaunchPad was the key to establishing our new business quickly and professionally on PEI.”

John Kimmel / RevIQ

Gillian MacRae

“LaunchPad PEI gave our company a base location to develop our team, hire resources, take meetings with potential clients. The cost was very affordable, which was a huge help especially in the early stages.”

Gillian MacRae / GetGifted / Charlottetown

Bob Carbone

“LaunchPad provided us the time to plan and launch our business. During our time in LaunchPad we were able to finalize our business model and do our initial employee recruitment and start our application construction.”

Bob Carbone / WorkLinks Inc.

Keir Pollard

“SpryPoint participated in InnovationPEI’s LaunchPad program in 2012-2013. The modern office space at the ATC afforded us the opportunity to recruit new employees and meet clients and partners in a professional environment. The space gave us a huge boost in visibility and connected us with other companies in the IT space. It provided an ideal stepping stone between the garage and our own office space.”

Keir Pollard / SpryPoint

Amber James

“LaunchPad has helped make being a lean startup possible by keeping costs low, and opportunities high for Gradpeek. We’ve been very fortunate to use the UPEI space to help our business grow and allow us to prepare for future growth.”

Amber James / GradPeek

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